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Our recent projects

We are proud to present clients of ours

  • Richmond Hotel, Copenhagen: ongoing turn-key renovation project, 93 bathrooms, 77 rooms, 4 corridors, reception & restaurant areas, 3 conference rooms, 4 banquet halls

  • Garden Hotel, Malmo: completed turn-key renovation project, 8 corridors, 6 conference rooms

  • Sandhotel, Reykjavik: completed turn-key project, 355 certified fire proof doors, oak staircases, corridor refurbishment

  • Meyer Turku Shipyard, Turku: upcoming interior fitting project, 6500m2 in volume, common areas, restaurant and sleeping cabins

  • EGON, Uppsala: completed new construction project, brick laying, wall partitions, panels, fine wood working, interior fitting

  • McDonald’s, Liljeholmen: completed restaurant refurbishment project, furniture installation, wall panels & partitions, suspended ceilings

  • OKQ8, Håby: completed pit stop refurbishment project, complete interior fitting, furniture installation

  • Filmstaden, Norrköping: completed interior refit project

  • Eriksbergsgatan, Stockholm: completed office building renovation project

  • Hanhikivi Nuclear Power Plant Project, Finland - Furniture assembly and installation, 2 Office buildings;

  • Cruise Shipp refurbishment project, Cadiz, Spain

  • Premises refurbishment works, Uppsala, Sweden;

  • Premises interior renovation works, Gallstadt, Sweden.

  • Birka NightClub interior renovation project, Ferry;

Ongoing projects

  • New Apartment building complex, Reykjavik, Iceland – Furniture assembly and installation project, 91 apartment completion;

  • Vytauto SPA, Birštonas, Lithuania - Furniture assembly and installation project.

  • Pharmacy interior installation project, Klaipeda, Lithuania

  • Meyer Turku Shipyard, Turku: Carnival Cruise Shipp pipe welding, installing works 

„Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it” – Maya Angelou

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