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We're building spaces for people to be

Implement Your quality space with long lived values and construction principles

We are know-how and detail oriented company. Most of the time we are working with custom ordered materials. It requires full time focus from ordering and delivery to complete installation. We are striving to finding solutions, not problems and our partners appreciate that.


Every project starts with initial meeting. After gathering ideas and information we carefully prepare drawings, estimate, time schedule and project implementation plan. We adapt to our client’s special needs, no matter job is big or small. We do what we know the best and we have a passion for quality. 

Do you have a project in mind?

We offer corporate construction management to all levels whatever you are experienced or a beginner in business

  • When it comes to interior fitting projects our company differs from others, because we offer “one spot” solutions.

  • We have in-house interior designers, who will prepare 3D models, drawings, interior refit and remodelling ideas, space planning and much more.

  • Our purchasing department will get you the best offer for construction materials, fixtures, appliances and any kind of interior items for hotels, restaurants, offices, outlet stores, homes or apartment complexes.

  • Finally, our project managers will control and implement all necessary tasks with highly experienced professionals as: carpenters, fitters, painters, decorators, plumbers, electricians, HVAC.

  • During the project we supply our client with progress reports and protocols to ensure peace of mind, security and excellent performance.

We strongly believe,

that successfully implemented project is not enough to be noticed and remembered. If you would think about many partners who offered their services, you probably name the ones, who gave you the best experiences.

Our team is honest,

open minded and warm hearted.


We love what we do and it shows through healthy connection and positive experience we have with our partners, suppliers and employees.

We handle the processes, meanwhile you...


Build complicated structures

Be confident in quality and management


Save time and fonds

Invest it where it's needed most


Do "turn the key" solutions

Smart decisions will feel convenient as never before

The company Lidis UAB has been very helpful when we have needed their services. The workers they have sent to Iceland have been good workers, polite, hard working and they keep the workplace clean and tidy. The workers have easily fitted into the team here and work well in a group. Managers at Lidis seem to take great care in finding the right people to work for them.

We can definitely recommend Lidis.


Dagmar Thorsteinsdottir | Managing Director | HBH Byggir ehf

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